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One vest – Two ways

I bought this vest after seeing it on a girl at a party, and by “after” I mean, I got in a cab after the party and went directly to Banana Republic.  I know, sometimes I’m so impulsive.  As I mentioned before,  I buy items only if I can wear them at least in three different ways, here are two…three to come soon 🙂


Vest: Banana Republic(similar)

Top – Sweater super old (similar), Jeggings: Citizens of Humanity (similar) , Boots Ariat

Bottom – Shir: H&M (similar) , Necklace: street vendor, Jeans: Zara (similar) , Shoes: Saks (similar)


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My new DVF

You already know we’re sisters, but here’s another little fun fact.  We’re also co-workers.   Cat actually snapped this picture in one of our conference rooms, hence the monster screen behind me (no, it’s not a tv).  Here I am in my new DVF to add to the collection.  Did you pick anything up at the latest sample sale?

Dress: DVF

Boots: Via Spiga


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Merry Christmas from City and Burbs

Merry Christmas from City and BurbsChristmas at Mom and Dad’s (with our Ombre Tree)

Diana is wearing:

Pants: Loft

Top: BCBGeneration

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Necklace: Banana Republic


Catalina is wearing:

Dress: French Connection

Boots: Vince Camuto Braden

Necklace: Dominican Republic beach-side stand


We hope everyone has a super duper Merry Christmas!


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The Art of the Christmas Card

I’ve always been challenged by the art of staying in touch.  I’m terrible at it.  The problem with that is that most people who care about you genuinely want hear about your life.  They want to see your growing family, they want to hear about any life-changing events, et cetera.  Some would say that social media makes traditional correspondence obsolete, but I don’t think many could deny the feeling they get when they receive an old fashioned piece of mail — that is not a bill or a credit card pre-approval.  And once you are an adult (usually marked by a relationship status change of single to married on facebook) it becomes an obligation to keep people apprised of your life, no matter how much of a hermit you were in your youth.  You’re a grown up now – time to observe a certain sense of decorum.

Since this had been such a challenge for me in the past, I had to develop a strategy to attack it.  So, where to begin? The first step was to identify the people/families who would be on our mailing list.  For us, it was our wedding guest list plus and minus a few folks.  Second, we identified events for which we would be sending correspondence.  Mass notifications for us will include Christmas cards and baby announcements (when the time comes… a long, long time from now…) For a select few, we will also make sure to send birthday cards.  Finally, we had to figure out what kind of cards we would send.  I’m a paper snob so I’m always on the lookout for good quality stationery but I also really love well made photo cards.  The highest quality ones that I’ve found come from moo and tinyprints. Actually, our Christmas cards this year were from tinyprints and I love them.  They are printed on thick card stock and have a matte paper finish:

Christmas Card 2011
Setting it up so that sending Christmas cards or birthday cards is not a fiasco makes it a lot easier to follow through with the resolution.  I use an excel spreadsheet to keep a list of contacts, complete with updated address information.  When it’s time to do a mass mailing, I create mailing labels by using the mail merge function in Word (more on that here).  Finally to add a special touch, I usually change the font to something a little prettier than Times New Roman.  I love handwriting fonts and for our Christmas cards this year I used Pea Jack and Jane from  They have a ton of amazing free fonts that they’ve created from handwriting sample submissions! Here’s an example of our mailing label:

Pea Jack and Jane LabelAnyway, I hope our friends and family enjoy our cards and I look forward to next year’s holiday season.  I’ve already been busy pinning inspiration ideas on Pinterest for next year’s card! Do you have any tips and tricks on keeping up with correspondence? Share below :).

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Soft Waves With a Curling Iron — AKA Taylor Swift Hair

That Taylor Swift.  She kind of bugs me but there’s no denying that she has great hair. Taylor Swift HairHer waves are well defined and not super spiral-y.  For years I’ve been trying to achieve this look.  I’ve used fat curling irons, skinny curling irons, straightening irons, actual irons (just kidding) and I have never been able to replicate that look.  On good days I got something like this:good hair day with a curling ironAnd on bad days something like this: (oh dear God, that’s terrible): bad hair day with curling ironDid anyone else immediately think Shirley Temple??

Well, it turns out that I had the right tool all along but I was using it the wrong way. (That’s what she said).  So now that I’ve mastered the technique and am able to achieve this: Taylor Swift Hair with Curling IronI thought I’d share that technique with the rest of the world.  All you need is a regular 3/4 inch curling iron.  Take a look at my Taylor Swift hair tutorial here:

If you try this method, send us a link to your photo!


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Shine on

I sometimes wish I was in a more creative field so my outfits can truly reflect my personality.  Unfortunately that’s not the case.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my job but sometimes I need to wear boring suits and toned down outfits like this one.   No matter how boring my suits are, I always try to add some personality or shine, like this cardigan and necklace.  What do you do to brighten up an otherwise boring office suit?


Top – Banana Republic (similar)

Cardigan – Banana Republic (similar)

Pants: Banana Republic (similar)

Necklace: Forever 21

Boots: purchased in Las Vegas a few years ago…they are soooo comfy.

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Holiday Sparkle

I purchased these pants more than a year ago, and surprisingly have NEVER worn them.  I seriously don’t know why, they are so festive!  Perhaps it’s because I didn’t go to too many non-work related holiday parties last year.  This year, I’ve had plenty of parties and made a decision to wear sparkles to every single one.


Top: Zara (similar)

Pants: Express (similar)

Shoes: Steve Madden

Necklace:  I forgot where I got this necklace…sorry 😦 (similar)

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Pop of Magenta

Today was cold. And it was dreary. So, in an effort to brighten up my day (while still keeping warm), I paired a black pencil skirt with a sheer magenta blouse. I love these blouses from Forever 21, they fall so nicely and only set me back $13.50 a piece (I have one in mustard and one ivory as well.) I completed the look with opaque tights and a pair of suede Calvin Klein pumps.

Magenta and Black

Calvin Klein Maddie Kid Suede Pumps

Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Express (I love the hook and eye detail on the waist)
Shoes: Calvin Klein Maddie (Similar)

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Dining Room Evolution

I imagine that one day my mom will pass the holiday baton to me and I’ll be hosting our family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Thankfully though, that time hasn’t come yet, because our dining room is not anywhere near ready. It has come quite a way since we moved in 2 years ago, but there is still much left to do. This is what our dining room looked like when we first moved in:Dining Room Before

Over time, we’ve been able to make the the following changes and additions:

  • Painted the entire room Benjamin Moore’s Grege Avenue (991) which was the original color of the portion of the room.
  • Replaced the ceiling fan with Restoration Hardware’s Alexandria Chandelier in Bronze.
  • Purchased Heritage Court 800 Series Pedestal Dining Room Table, Chairs and China Cabinet.

Dining Room - In ProgressStill, there are several little details we want to complete before we consider this room finished.  So here is our dining room tweak list:

  • Add sideboard or small liquor cabinet
  • Add rug
  • Replace window dressings
  • Add wall art
  • Reorganize china cabinet

Over the next few months we’ll definitely be tackling these changes.  Stay tuned!


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My Daily Outfits – Everybody Everywear Sparkles

Top: Banana Republic (similar)

Skirt: Victoria’s Secret (similar)

Tights: Target

Shoes: Rebecca Taylor (similar)

Today I’m excited to participate in this month’s  Everybody Everywear Challenge, Sequins and  Sparkles.    It was a no brainer for me since I absolutely LOVE sparkles.  I wear them all the time, out with friends and even to the office!  How do you wear sparkles?

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