Dining Room Evolution

I imagine that one day my mom will pass the holiday baton to me and I’ll be hosting our family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Thankfully though, that time hasn’t come yet, because our dining room is not anywhere near ready. It has come quite a way since we moved in 2 years ago, but there is still much left to do. This is what our dining room looked like when we first moved in:Dining Room Before

Over time, we’ve been able to make the the following changes and additions:

  • Painted the entire room Benjamin Moore’s Grege Avenue (991) which was the original color of the portion of the room.
  • Replaced the ceiling fan with Restoration Hardware’s Alexandria Chandelier in Bronze.
  • Purchased Heritage Court 800 Series Pedestal Dining Room Table, Chairs and China Cabinet.

Dining Room - In ProgressStill, there are several little details we want to complete before we consider this room finished.  So here is our dining room tweak list:

  • Add sideboard or small liquor cabinet
  • Add rug
  • Replace window dressings
  • Add wall art
  • Reorganize china cabinet

Over the next few months we’ll definitely be tackling these changes.  Stay tuned!



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2 responses to “Dining Room Evolution

  1. Your progress is amazing! I LOVE that chandelier!!

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