Out with the Editor, In with the Columnist

I love the pants at Express. Since I entered the workforce in 2002, their Editor pants have been my go-to pants for work or any ‘slacks required’ occasions. They were always a little loose around the thigh area but I never really took issue with that. In April 2011 I was married and very happy that I had shed 20 lbs for the event. Fortunately, I’ve been able to keep the weight off and recently, I completely purged my closet of any clothing items that were too big for me — to motivate myself to not regain the weight. So, while my beloved Editors were probably on a Salvation Army thrift store rack somewhere, I was left pantsless. (True story. I’ve been wearing skirts and dresses only for MONTHS.) Recently, I set out to replace said pants and discovered the Columnist ones instead. I tried them on and they fit me better than my Editors ever did and here’s why:

Editor: Columnist: Me:
Rise: 3 inches below the waist Rise: 4 inches below the waist Short Torso – Columnist wins!
Straight through hip Fitted to knee Skinny Legs – Columnist wins!
Wide Leg/Flare Barely Bootcut Love both – Tied

So, I wore them for the first time today and am so glad I made the switch! Thanks to my lovely mom for the Christmas gift! Columnist Pants

Columnist Pants 2Adrianne Vitadini Shoes

Pants: Express (Columnist)
Blouse: H&M (very old)
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini Porter

Note: Two things bother me about this look. One, I am wearing absolutely NO accessories except my wedding ring and some studs (unfortunately I didn’t get my sister’s flair for accessorizing). And two, my hair is sickeningly long and wildly out of control. Well, I’m working on both. I’ve been doing some accessories shopping (much to my husbands chagrin), and I have a hair appointment next week. Stay tuned for updates!



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3 responses to “Out with the Editor, In with the Columnist

  1. Liz

    Love the Columnist pants on you! 😉

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