Color Trend: Neon – Colorphobe style

I have to admit that when I saw that neon was going to be a big trend this spring, I cringed.  My mind immediately went through a montage of blinding 80s fashion.  And while some may adopt this trend in that very way, I’ve decided that I’m just going to dip my toe into the neon pool.  I’ll probably pair these with some neutrals, whites, and navy blues.  Here are the neon pieces I’m craving for this spring (and probably even before then!): Spring 2012 Neonsource | source | source
source | source | source
source | source | source | source

So, how do you feel about neon this spring?  Are you going to go head-to-toe highlighter blue? Or will you be dipping your toe like me?



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5 responses to “Color Trend: Neon – Colorphobe style

  1. I LOVE COLOR! I’ll be doing more than just dipping my toes in some lime green, highlighter blue and just yesterday I bought a FABULOUS Trina Turk Cobalt Blue Suit for the spring that i’m in love with, wait for me to wear to work and i’ll post on my blog.

  2. allpowerfulwarriorgodess

    these are hot!! awesome blog. keep it up 😀 xx

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