One skirt – three ways

Before buying an item, I always think about three different ways of wearing with items I already own.  (Not a secret, many off my favorite bloggers follow this rule as well).  Here is one of my favorite purchases from this winter worn three different ways.  Although it was a “winter” purchase, it will defitnitely stay in my closet year round. 

Do you have items that you wear year round?



Skirt: Ann Taylor



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2 responses to “One skirt – three ways

  1. Love seeing how other bloggers wear an article of clothing different ways for different seasons and occassions! You look gorgeous in all three here (so I can’t pick a favorite!)
    And yes…I wear a ton of my closet year-round. Adding leggings to skirts for winter (like you did here) is a fantastic way to make a piece more versatile.

    And LOL that we have both not been called for Jury Duty! It’s almost been like this secret part of our government that I’ve wanted to join (all my friends have been invited) but I am guessing when I get there, I’ll be wondering why I wanted to come? 🙂

    • Diana

      Thanks for stopping by! Serioulsy, you’re one of my FAVORITE blogs. I love your style. If we ever met, I may be really nervous…ha ha!!!

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