Age appropriate clothing???

My bf and I have an ongoing bicker about what I should wear.  When we pass by a Bebe store, his eyes light up as he turns to me and says, “you would look hot in that tiny dress”.  I usually laugh and tell him I’m not 21 anymore and walk into the next store, usually Banana Republic or Loft.  I’m a big believer in age-appropriate dressing.  A tight bandage skirt with a flowy top is totally cute on my stylish little cousin who is in her 20s, but not so much on me, I’m 35…and proud.  However, today I was faced with someone that did not share my views on this.  I was in the subway when I saw a woman accompanied by a teen who was probably her grandson…I hope.  She was probably in her 50s wearing a black shorts suit with knee high velvet flat boots (the shorts were really short but she had on sheer tights).  She added an orange bag for a pop of color and her makeup and hair were well done.  She seemed like a very poised lady and she looked GOOD.  I was taken back by this look as I entered the subway in this outfit.  I couldn’t stop thinking about this all day, which begs the question, do you believe in dressing age appropriate or does anything go as long as you look good?   I would love to hear your comments!  



Shirt: Loft, Pants: Express, Blazer: LC for Kohls, Shoes: Nine West

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15 responses to “Age appropriate clothing???

  1. Tara

    I wish you would have taken a picture of her and her grandson??……

  2. Maribel

    I do believe in age appropriate clothing! 40’s is not the same as 20’s. Those cute little short dresses look nice on the racks and on the younger crowd. No matter how cute the dress is, I would never wear it if its short. 40’s dictate a more sophisticated look!


    • Diana

      Amen! I guess it all depends on how you feel too. Trust me, I’m still on this side of the fence too. As much as Frank would love it, I won’t be buying a bandage skirt anytime soon…or EVER. 🙂

  3. cute pants girl!!! Love your blog!

  4. T.

    Those pants are a great colour!

  5. I think it really just depends on your personality. If you can pull it off AND it fits who you are as a person, I say go for it! Love those green pants by the way 🙂

  6. Absolutely love those pants!! I am a firm believer of dressing for my age. Even if I look a little older in what I would wear I would rather be comfortable.

  7. To me it is sometimes hard to figure out what is age-appropriate. I know women in their 70s who shop at Forever21 and H&M and look amazing in the things they pick. At the same time they don’t just wear anything those stores sell. I do think a large part of age appropriate is a matter of how you look overall and how you feel in the outfit. And sometimes it’s a very fine line. – Katy

    • Diana

      Agreed 🙂 I shop at F21 and HM as well….and probably will for a VERY long time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  8. popping over from EBEW
    as a 49 yr. old, I say you need to dress for your body, not your “age”
    as much as dressing to young is off putting, dressing to old for your age is just as bad
    if you have killer legs, show them off

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