Red, White, and Blue

I love navy and the combination of it with bright colors and neutrals.  I was feeling a little patriotic today and decided to don the adorable striped blazer and statement pants that I scored from Express a few weeks ago.  I debated wearing leopard heels but chickened out before I left my house… I think I still need some time before I can get into mixing prints.  Look for something this summer, I hope to have enough guts by then!

White Cowl Neck Top : August Silk @ Annie Sez | Navy Striped Blazer : Express | Red Columnist Pants : Express | Platform Loafers : Banana Republic | Belt : Michael Kors @ Annie Sez | Necklace : Trovare @ Annie Sez
So tell me, would you have worn the leopard pumps?



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8 responses to “Red, White, and Blue

  1. Catalina, I am in love with everything about this look right now! I wouldn’t have worn the leopard shoes but i’m willing to bet that Di would’ve and she would’ve rocked them, as would you have. That being said, I heart your look and you know how I feel about patriotic colors!!!! LOVE YOU!

  2. Kiomy Bonilla

    I think this looks great and I would have worn the leopard heels it would’ve added another dimension to your already cute outfit.

  3. Giselle Young

    You missed your call chica modelo. I love this look!!!

  4. I love this look and you look beautiful! It’s classic and still super fun with the red jeans. The leopard heels would have been super cute but I also like how the loafers make this a very preppy look…
    XO – Marion

  5. I think this outfit looks great with the shoes you have on. I think I might have gone for leopard flats just to mix it up a bit, but I really like the shoes you have. And that blazer is awesome!

  6. saw this look on Gwyneth Paltrow the other day
    you are in good company!!

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