Copy Cat – Floral Jeans

We’re very sorry that we have been MIA in the last couple of days.  Cat and I were in San Jose, at our company’s HQ attending a Women In Technology Forum.  We had the opportunity to listen to many of our women executives, so inspiring.  Well, we ended up traveling all day on Monday and spent the entire day in the forum.  We just go in on the red eye…exhausted!

Onto the outfit, I recently picked up this pair of floral pants and couldn’t help myself.  I had to replicate Katie Holmes outfit…..for much less!

Which celebrity looks do you like to replicate?

Photo Credit

Top: Jcrew Factory (on Sale) ; Jeans: Delia’s; Shoes: Calvin Klein





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9 responses to “Copy Cat – Floral Jeans

  1. you look adorable!! there isn’t 1 specific celeb I like to ‘copy’…i just like to imitate good fashion/cute outfits regardless of celeb. this look is fab on you!

  2. Sarah

    Wow, you did awesome replicating this!! I’d say my top choices to replicate would be Rachel Zoe/Nicole Richie (which is basically the same thing).

  3. Kiomy Bonilla

    I love it! you pull it off without a snag!

  4. Miss ED

    OMG. So… you know we talked about sweet patterned jeans at Anthropologie, and NOW I see this post? I’m going to run to Delias tomorrow and see what I find, SO excited!

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