Red Jeans – And FINALLY, a Haircut!

I’m going to admit something very embarrassing. Before today, I hadn’t cut my hair for almost an entire year.  I cut it about a week before my wedding and our 1st anniversary is in 2 weeks.  Worse yet, I had it cut all one length – not a good look for my sometimes curly hair.  Since, I’d saved on an entire year’s worth of no haircuts, I decided to splurge on this last one.  After some research I decided I’d go to the owner of the Girl Loves Boy Salon in Summit, NJ – Shahe Kasparian.  And I’ve gotta say, it was a truly great experience.  First, he took a look at my hair, and my face and explained to me why my hair shouldn’t be as long as it was.  Apparently, for my face shape, my height and my hair type, my hair shouldn’t be longer than a face length past my face… does that make sense? Maybe this will help:

Also, he said I should never cut my hair one length again — that I need some dimension and an opportunity to create texture.  I told him that I once got bangs and he cringed – he said definitely not for my face shape and because of the “wave” i have in my hairline — better known as my cowlick. All in all it was a very enlightening session.  I place a high value on experts who can share with me some of the science behind what they do and Shahe did not disappoint! And I love my new haircut!

Note: the lighting in these makes my hair look brown but it's still black as ever.

In other news, I worked from home today as I had no physical meetings (thank God for Cisco Jabber Video!) so I dressed down a bit.

red jeans : express (similar) | leopard flats : via spiga (these took a WHILE to break in — try these as they appear to be more comfy out of the box) | black shirt – rebecca beeson (old) | cropped denim jacket : calvin klein jeans (old) (affordable alternatives : here and here) | scarf : small shop in spain | sunglasses : tory burch



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8 responses to “Red Jeans – And FINALLY, a Haircut!

  1. Love the new haircut Cat! And I am right there with you in trusting qualified professionals for advice on certain things. I am right there with you on getting my haircut every so often (as in once a year sometimes…so bad!) But he was so right with your hair length and dimension…it looks gorgeous and healthy!
    And love the red jeans paired with the leopard…perfect for working from home:)
    Have a great weekend!
    XO – Marion

    • Yes! I’m glad to pay a premium to people that can offer expertise that I don’t have. (I think it comes from working for such a networking behemoth.) Thanks for the compliment and have a great weekend yourself! 🙂


  2. Kelly Harrison

    Wow Cat, I love your hair! You look fabulous! Fascinating to hear an expert’s opinion. He would probably want to do a major chop with my hair lol!

    Of course love the outfit. I have almost the exact one, down to the leopard flats!

    • Actually, I’d love to see your hair super short… I think you have the face for it! Maybe an angled bob?

      As my sister says – leopard is the new neutral, you can wear it with anything! Have a great weekend!

  3. LOVE your new look!! Your hair looks amazing! Loving the red pants too! 🙂

  4. Your new haircut looks fantastic! I bet it feels good too.
    I’m working up the nerve to have some layers put in mine. Last salon appt. I allowed about a whole half inch of layers to be cut into the very bottom. haha I think I’m ready to move that up to 2 inches now. 🙂 My hair is not nearly as long as yours though.
    You look gorgeous!

    • Thanks Lisa! It feels great — honestly, it’s much more manageable and looks a lot healthier.
      I’m not going to lie though, I’ve had some terrible haircuts in the past (ie. The Rachel, which I was a victim of in high school). But the one thought that got me through those times was the following: “Hair grows back.” So take the plunge, if it doesn’t work out, it will always grow back! Good luck 🙂

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