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Boyfriend Jeans

We’re back from Savvanah, GA and what a charming city it was.  Keep an eye out for Cat’s recap of our wonderful mini-vacay later this week. 

Now, onto the outfit.  Yes, these are boyfriend jeans, but the “boyfriend” part of this title really refers to my boyfriend.   Frank bought me almost all the accessories I’m wearing with this outfit (Not to mention, I’m in his apartment too)  He gave me this bag on Valentine’s day and he gave me these shoes as a thank you for helping him clean his apartment.  Isn’t he so sweet?  I would have done it for nothing, but I was VERY grateful for these gorgeous and edgy little guys.   

Hope you all have a great week! 



Top: JCrew (old); Jeans: Arden B (old); Blazer: LC for Kohls; Shoes: Zara; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company via Bloomingdales



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Wear to the Office – Chambray and Lace

I’ve been on the hunt for a chambray button down top for at least a year. Well, contrary to what this photo may lead you to believe, I still haven’t found one. But the other day while I was at TJ Maxx I found this amazing lace skirt with a coral underlay. I desperately wanted to wear it during one of the warm days last week and I needed a chambray top to pair with it – so I improvised. What you see here is not a shirt, it’s actually a belted dress that I bought several years ago at Annie Sez. I just tucked in the belt loops, added a neutral belt and shoes and went on my merry way. I really love this combo of lace and chambray and can’t wait to add a pair of lace shorts to my wardrobe for non-work attire. What do you think of lace and chambray?

lace skirt : willi smith @ tj maxx | chambray dress : old | tan belt : michael kors | platform loafers : banana republic quinn


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Trend of the Month Challenge – Florals

I’m so excited to participate in Marionberry Style’s Trend of the Month challenge.   This month’s challenge is florals.  I decided to bring two trends together, hi-low skirt and florals.  I initially tried this dress with a couple of belts, but something just didn’t look right.  I took them off and I realized that the dress looked great just as is.  I guess sometimes less is more. 

Make sure you stop by Marion’s blog to see other bloggers that participated on this challenge.  Plus be sure to visit frequently.  She has amazing style and is incredibly sweet.

Dress: Forever 21; Shoes: LC for Kohls, Necklace: mall vendor.

I think I need a haircut.



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Wear to the Office: Red and Hot Pink

I am a huge fan of all the color trends this season, more than any other season I can remember. Color pairings this season are bold, edgy and courageous – as Diana demonstrated in yesterday’s post. So when I saw this post by the lovely Aga of Aga’s Suitcase, I was immediately inspired. I love the combination of red and hot pink but I knew I had to add a grounding element if I wanted to wear it to work. So, I paired this bright ensemble with a navy blazer and neutral shoes and belt.

What do you think about brights at the office?


red pants : express columnist | hot pink blouse : joe fresh | navy blazer : tahari @ annie sez (similar)| loafer platforms : banana republic quinn (similar) | tan belt : michael kors @ annie sez


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Wear to the Office – Bright pants

Bright pants are a bit tricky for the office.  I wouldn’t recommend them for a very strict business environment.  If you’re office is a bit laid back, here are my tips for wearing bright pants.  

First, I would stay away from prints.   Stick to a solid color, blue, green or red (I own them all).  Pair them with a tailored blazer.  I picked a dark blue to add some contrast and to tone down the bright green.  I was considering wearing a white or tan blouse, however I found this top in the back of my closet and loved the monochromatic look it created.   Finish the look with a pair of neutral shoes.   I didn’t wear the necklace or bracelet to the office, a bit too much for me.  I added it later in the day for dinner with friends.

Tell me, would you wear bright pants to the office? 

Top: Banana Republic (0ld); Pants: Express (similar) ; Blazer: Banana Republic; Shoes: Nine West; Necklace: Nordstrom; Bracelet: F21


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Wear to the Office – Stripes

In an effort not to look like the flag (except in the 4th of July), I like to add a pop of color to my red, white and blue ensembles.  

Have a great weekend!

Nautical | Everybody, Everywear

Top: Zara; Skirt: Ann Taylor; Belt: came with a dress; Shoes: Banana Republic

Dress: Loft (no longer avilable online); Shoes: Calvin Klein; Necklace: Old Navy (old)

Nautical | Everybody, Everywear


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Don’t worry, be happy

Working around Penn Station in NYC I see the craziest things.  People talking to people that aren’t’ really there, a mom changing a kid’s diaper as he stand at the bus stop (yes, that really happened!).  It’s a very diverse place, to say the least.   I’ve become immune to it, so not much surprises me anymore.  Plus, there’s always so much going on that the memory of what I’ve seen or heard lasts for about 30 seconds and I’m quickly distracted by something else.   Today was not much different, except that I was on the PATH with nowhere to go until I arrived to my stop.  I was standing next to a man listening to his ipod, he was listening to Jay Z’s “Paris”.  I knew that because it was so loud I could clearly hear the lyrics…it’s actually a favorite of mine (I know, I’m a hip-hop junkie).   Anyway, he was holding onto the top railing moving, shaking and mouthing the lyrics as if he was at the club.  I immediately thought “this guy is crazy” and proceeded to step a few steps away (as much as I could in a crowded subway cart).  As I’m staring at him, he looks at me, smiles and keeps on dancing.  I laughed and realized, this guy is not crazy, he’s just happy.  It is 7am in the morning and everyone is miserable, including me.  He’s dancing and enjoying life at 7am and he wants the world to know.  I wanted to join in his dance party, but that was a bit too much for me.  All I know is that he made me smile for the rest of the morning.   Thank you happy PATH guy! 

Now onto today’s outfit.  As I near my mid-30’s (crap!), I’ve learned a lot about how to dress for my body, size and about my style.  I try to buy things that I can wear both to the office and on the weekends.  When I saw this top it had “work and play” written all over it.  Here’s how I wore it to the office and out to brunch to celebrate my dear friend’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Mari! 

Top: Banana Republic; Skirt: Elie Tahari; Shoes: Jessica Simpson; Watch: LaMer

Blazer: LC for Kohls


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Inside Generation Style : Fashion Marries Tech on the Runway

One week ago, I had the great pleasure of attending Inside Generation Style — a one-of-a-kind runway show celebrating fashion and technology.  Sponsored by Intel and the Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB), the 15 models are actually fashion bloggers themselves!  The event showcased styles by KamaliKulture and Orla Kiely, shoes by JustFab, and accessories by BaubleBar as well as Intel’s gorgeous new Ultrabook – and I have to say that I was thrilled!  The styles were polished but edgy and the super-thin, super-light, and super-sexy Ultrabook fit very nicely into all of the looks.  The girls definitely looked a lot more glamorous than I do sometimes carrying my 6 lb. laptop around.  Ultimately, I loved the concept of this show – tech meets style for the savvy professional – and it was expertly executed.

Check out some of my favorite looks from the show.

First up, Dani Bernstein of We Wore What (@WeWoreWhat), rocked this look.  In a time where everything is about color, she manages to make this classic black and white outfit just pop!

Jacket : KamaliKulture | Pants : Work Custom | Jewelry : BaubleBar | Shoes : Fernanda by JustFab (these fabulous wedges also come in a metallic blue!)

Next up in my list of faves is Delmy Rivera (@delmyrivera) of Fashion Bananas, in this awesome Orla Keily ensemble.  How great is that color combo!?

Dress & Bag : Orla Kiely | Shoes : I assume they’re JustFab but I can’t find them ANYWHERE

Next, is Samantha Lim (@iamsamlim) of Fashion Indie in this gorgeous KamaliKulture wrap dress.  I love how the neckline is pushed out a bit further than a typical wrap dress.  With the statement necklace and bright lip, this is a wonderful look for the summer.  It isn’t available yet but I hear it will be available soon.

Finally, I loved this ensemble on Jessie Artigue (@styleandpepper) of Style and Pepper.  It’s perfectly work appropriate and there are those JustFab Fernanda wedges again just killing it in the blue metallic!

Below are some other posts by bloggers like myself who attended the event if you’d like to see more:


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Singing the blues

Frank and I have been invited to four weddings this year.  It’s funny how we go thru phases, some years none, others four.  The fesitivities for our first wedding started this weekend with a beautiful bridal shower for Lana, my dear friend Scott’s beautiful fiance.    It was a very festive celebration complete with dancing, vodka shots and champaign, my kind of party!   The bridesmaids even shot a video of Scott and played and interactive “question” game with the bride.   It was a lot of fun!   Here’s what I wore. 

Dress: Ann Taylor;  necklace : Kohls;  shoes: Steve Madden



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Suit mix match

I hope everyone enjoyed Cat’s Wedding Week, I know she had a ton of fun putting it together.  I will be giving her a break this week and giving you a full week of outfits.  I will be mixing it up with work and weekend outfits, I hope you enjoy them. 

I mentioned many times that I’m not a big fan of work suits, so I try to mix them up as much as possible.  Here is a little remix of a black and gray suit.  How do you mix up your suits?

Have a great Monday!


Top: Gap; Blazer: Banana Republic; Pants: Banana Republic; Shoes: Calvin Klein; Necklace: JCrew Outlet


Top and Blazer: Banana Republic; Pants: Victoria’s Secret; Shoes: Cole Haan

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