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Office Inspiration

Confession: Even though I have a perfectly decent office desk in the basement, I constantly find myself working at the kitchen table.  While it’s lovely because the kitchen table is right next to a window with perfect afternoon sunlight, it’s a pain at night when M and I want to sit down for dinner and all my papers and devices are in the way.  The truth is, I’d love to work downstairs but a ‘decent desk’ does not an office make and there are several more things I’ve got to do before my office lures me in.  Much like this one is luring me in right now:
Domicile id contemporary home office
What I love about this office:
  • The Lighting : While there’s probably overhead lighting in this office, I love how there are other lighting elements adding ambiance to the room.
  • The Color Scheme : The taupe and white combo is great on its own but the addition of the aqua and the mustard is unexpectedly pleasing.
  • The Non-Traditional Desk Chair : Not all office chairs have to have a conference room feel.  I love this non-traditional, almost 70s look chair.
  • The Oversized Wall Accent : That tree branch is the equivalent of a bold statement necklace — the perfect finishing touch.

So, with these ideas in mind, I put together the following inspiration board for my basement office:

Some of these things are completed, some are in progress and some must be procured, so here is the rundown of the to-dos for this room.

Basement Office Checklist:

  • Paint existing desk white
  • Purchase custom chair
  • Purchase rug
  • Find and purchase tangerine lamp (featured one is out of stock)

Now that I’ve written it down it doesn’t seem like a huge project so hopefully soon you’ll see the finished product.  Stay tuned.



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Trend of the Month Challenge – Yellow

Today we’re linking up with Marion Berry’s Trend of the Month Challenge. This month’s challenge is to wear yellow. I was thrilled when I hear this since I had just purchased yellow shoes suggested by Marion.  I woke up bright and early to get to spin class, excited to start my day and post my yellow outfit.  What happened next lead me to almost not post today.  You see, there are a couple of unknown facts about me.  1. I had a CRAZY, almost deadly allergic reaction while I was getting ready to go to my dear friend’s wedding, I was IN the wedding.  Needless to say, I didn’t participate in the ceremony but begged the doctor to let me go to the reception…I still feel bad about that 2. Ever since then, the sight of a rash completely freaks me out.  I came out of the gym and noticed I had developed what seemed like a rash on my chest and neck.  I freaked, I was literally about to drive myself directly to the ER.  I frantically called Frank, he didn’t answer.  In my head, I was going to die and never say good bye to anyone (I know, drama!)  I calmed myself down and consulted my friend Google.  It turns out it was some kind of a skin rash sometimes caused by sweating…or in my case, I’m convinced it was the detergent my gym used on the towels…yuck.  (Note to self, bring your own workout towel from now on)  Oh yes, 3. I get grossed out very easily.

So after a little scrubbing in the shower, my neck returned to it’s normal smoothness and I excitedly got dressed.  I couldn’t decide between a yellow skirt or the yellow shoes, so I wore both.  What do you think?  Do you love yellow as much as I do?

I’m also linking up with Rolled up Pretty and The Pleated Poppy.


Top: Topshop; Skirt: Forever21; Shoes: Ivanka Trump via Piperlime; Bracelets: Forever 21




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Wear to the Office – Stripes and Green

Hey everyone, we’re baaaaack.   I have some outfit shots to post later on in the week.  For now,  I leave you with today’s work outfit.   This is one of those skirts I only wear in the Spring/Summer time.  I really love it because it just goes with everything.  Oh, and did you notice I finally got a haircut?   Secret, I used to tease the heck out of my crown just to get some volume because it was so long and weighed down.  I finally have some “natural” volume back.

Top: Ann Taylor: Skirt: Loft; Shoes: Nine West; Necklace: JCrew


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Pink, blue and yellow

It has been a rainy, dark week here in NYC.  So I thought I’d brighten up my mood by brightening up my outfit.  I just pulled all the bright things that caught my eye and put them on.   Kidding, but I did have a mission to dress bright.  Mission accomplished!

On another note, you may have noticed that Cat has not posted at all this week.  Well, she’s celebrating her one year anniversary with M in the Bahamas.  Happy Anniversary Sees and Bro!  Lucky for me, I’m also heading out to the tropics.  A wedding in Mexico for a dear friend’s wedding.  I’m so excited!   My flight is tomorrow morning, and for some crazy reason I decided to check my passport on Tuesday night around 10pm.  I usually just grab it and go, but not this time.  Guess what, I realized that it expired on August of 2011!!!  I freaked out, started crying and called my mom.  Mom fixes everything.  She told me that I would be able to go to a regional office and get express service and a passport the same day.  The closest available appointment was Wednesday morning in Connecticut!   I had to bring a bunch of documents and 2 passport pictures.  Well, I have a lot of outfit shots but no passport pictures handy.  I got all dolled up and headed to my local Walgreens, thank goodness for 24 hour service!  I woke up bright and early, gave myself 3 hours for a 50 mile drive and made it with 30 minutes to spare (thank you GW traffic!)  I’m so excited to tell you that I got a new passport and now I’m heading to Mexico tomorrow!  Yay!

Cant’ wait to share wedding pictures, guest outfits and vacation outfit shots!

Have a great weekend!

Top: Joe Fresh; Skirt: Banana Republic; Shoes: Gucci





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The IT list!

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  • City and Burbs is minty fresh in her new skinny jeans! She pairs them with leopard and pink for a bold vibe! (find City and Burbs on Twitter!)
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the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second St. East.
 For more information on how you can be involved – click here!

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Ikat skirt

I’ve worn this skirt, both with white and black tops.   Safe, I know.  This time, I decided to throw in a little more color.  I’ve learned a few things about mixing colors by following some bloggers like Tara from Mix and Match Fashion.  You guys, shes’ a genius at this stuff.  Her outfits are always so bright, colorful and stylish.  I picture her closet full of color like a Crayola box.  I want.   Anyway, one of the tips I picked up while mixing color, specifically with pattern, is to make sure all the individual colors match with each other so you have a smooth flow, and a matching outfit 🙂

Here’s what I came up with.  How do you mix and match with patterns?

Top: Banana Republic, Skirt: Myne Ashley Ann (local boutique); Shoes: Seychelles

Wow…long hair.  Going for a haircut today

Do you love? A street vendor made it for me on the spot….love NYC!

Linking up with Mini Me Style


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Yummi flowers

I found this dress on SUPER sale during the winter.  I normally don’t buy things completely out of season in order to wear it a year later, however this just seemed like one of those timeless pieces.    I wore this to my cousin’s baby shower, Patty.  She’s one of my youngest cousins.  I still remember Patty when she learned how to walk.  She grew up to be a beautiful woman and is now expecting a baby with her hubby Brian.  Can’t wait to meet their little girl later this summer.

By the way, I’m so addicted to these shoes.  I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them a lot this summer.  They just brighten up any outfit.

What do you think?

Dress: Yummi Kim (via Saks), Shoes: Mango (ON SALE)



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Casual Pastels

This past weekend was absolutely perfect in NYC.  The BF and I decided to spend the day shopping in Soho.   He was feeling generous so he bought me a super cute top at Topshop.   Gosh, I love my boyfriend.  Sorry, mushy moment.

Onto the outfit, I bought this skirt at a DFV sample sale a few years ago.  While it’s such a cute skirt, I’ve only worn it a couple of times because I categorized it as one of my “dressy” skirts.   Here’s how I wore it in the past (1 and 2 ) In an effort to wear this awesome piece more than twice a year,  I decided to take it out for a casual spin.  Well, somewhat casual, Frank thought I was super dressed up.   Here’s what I came up with.  I threw on a cotton tank with a linen blazer and put on my cute Zara flats.  I added on a few light accessories.  What do you think?

How do you create a casual look with a dressy piece?

Tank: H&M; Skirt: DVF; Blazer: UO; Shoes: Zara; Bracelet: F21; Necklace: Banana Republic



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Mint, pink and leopard

I decided to give the balcony another try.  There has been some construction work going on, so I kept looking up hoping nothing would fall on me.   Nothing did.  Pheeewwww!

I love these jeans I picked up from Asos.  I love their site because they have petite sizing perfect for my short stems.  I don’t have to cuff these under so the skinny part of the jeans fall perfectly on my skinny ankles.   I was initially going to throw on tan pumps, but I saw these and thought what the heck, go for it!  I decided to keep the rest of my accessories light.

How do you feel about mint and leopard?  Something you will try?

Top: Zara; Jeans: Asos; Blazer: Tobi; Necklace: Banana Republic



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Thank God for The Maillot!

As far as I’m concerned, the maillot couldn’t have picked a better time to make a comeback.  Maillot (pronounced my-oh) is just the french word for one-piece bathing suit, but it sounds fancier, no?  Well, either way, it’s still the answer to my pre-summer dilemma.  While we’re still a few good weeks of spin class away from baking on the Jersey shore (or the Long Island shore), M and I are going on a tropical vacation much sooner than that — and sad to say, I’m not beach-ready.  Luckily for me and my post-Easter tummy pooch, maillots are a summer trend this year!  While the one-piece selection is usually scarce, this year there are some fantastic suits in bright colors, eye-catching prints, and wonderful textures at all price points.

Note: When I shop for a swimsuit, 3 things are important to me and I tried to stick to that criteria when I chose these.

  1. It is a fun color or has a great pattern
  2. It properly supports ‘the girls’
  3. It doesn’t cause weird tan lines (I think there’s one exception on this list….)

Here are my faves.  And stay tuned below to see which two I picked up (and one that I didn’t):

source | source | source

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source | source

I took a trip to Nordy’s recently and picked up the following for my upcoming vacation.

Robin Piccone ‘Penelope’ Crochet Overlay One Piece Swimsuit in white (although it’s only available in black and blush on the Nordy website).  I love the tan-through detail around the torso.  It’s just revealing enough to be sexy but it does a wonderful job of concealing imperfections.

La Blanca ‘Glimmer Girl’ Shirred One Piece Bandeau.  I just fell in love with the fit of this suit.  It’s flattering and vibrant and I can’t wait to wear it on the beach.

While browsing the Bloomie’s website before my shopping trip, I saw this Marc Jacobs Peplum Finch-Printed suit and absolutely fell in love with everything about it.  But alas it wasn’t meant to be.  Because I’m top heavy, the flaps on the top portion didn’t sit right :(.  But it’s completely adorable for someone who’s smaller on top.  I still love it…

So, what’s your favorite type of ‘hide my flaws’ swimsuit?  Do you ever venture away from the two-piece and into one-piece territory?


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