Pink dress

I picked up this dress during Ann Taylor’s recent F&F sale.  Actually, I picked it up the day before the sale when the lovely sales person talked me into getting a credit card…yikes I know.   I don’t generally like to have store credit cards, but I decided to add this one because they often provide special perks for card holders such as F&F a day early.  Score, I got this gorgeous dress.  I decided to wear it the next day, but struggled with what shoes to wear with it.  I finally decided on the black, I know, very safe of me.  I just thought the dress was so bright that I needed to keep everything else neutral.

What do you think?  Which shoes would you have worn?

Dress: Ann Taylor; Shoes L(Banana Republic) M (Calvin Klein) R (Gucci)



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11 responses to “Pink dress

  1. I love all the shoes with it but if I was wearing this to work, i’d go safe with the black as well…beautiful 🙂 The yellow ones look fab with it though!

  2. What a gorgeous dress! I think the black heels work well, as would nude pumps.


  3. For work I would have stuck with the black as well. Though I LOVE the yellow with it too!

  4. love the look!
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  5. black plays it safe but yellow is more fun!!

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