City and Burbs take Savannah

Di and I recently returned from a weekend trip to Savannah, GA with our pal Jess.  We didn’t go to school there.  We had no business there.  We don’t know anyone who lives there.  So “why Savannah?” you ask.  Well, it all started with a conversation I had with a friend of mine who lived there for several years.  She accurately described it as charming, superfun, full of art and culture, and with fabulous weather – and I’ve wanted to go there ever since.  Pro tip: It would make a perfect bachelorette party destination for those who are planning one.

We didn’t have time to do everything we’d planned, but we definitely packed our 2 and a half days chock full of activities.


We got into SAV on Thursday afternoon and immediately drove our rental car to the Hyatt Regency Savannah which, even though it’s rated 33 out of 107 hotels in Savannah on TripAdvisor, couldn’t have been more perfect for us.  The location was perfect, the accommodations were pristine, and the staff was the embodiment of southern hospitality.  Best of all they had a back exit that deposited you right on River Street!

We didn’t even change out of our travel outfits before heading to Huey’s for a cajun lunch.  Then we walked around River Street and Congress Street – with Georgia Peaches in hand – making a note of cute boutiques we wanted to revisit later on.

By the way, if you didn’t know, Savannah is one of only a few places in the country (NOLA being another) where you’re allowed to walk around with an open container on the streets. Win!

We also stumbled into a book signing event at The Paris Market on E Broughton and Whitaker.  What a great little shop with tons of inspiration for home decor!

Later that night, after our light dinner at Vu (the restaurant at our hotel), we went on a Haunted Pub Crawl! It was, by far, one of the most fun things we did on this trip and it was a great way to get to know the city on the first night.


We got up bright and early on Friday and headed over to the gym to get our fitness on.  Thank god we did because we ate like champs that day!  After our workout we headed over to Tybee Island Beach to catch some rays on the sand and get an ice cream at the pier.

We also went to the Tybee Lighthouse which had a breathtaking view.

Once we got back to Savannah, we got dolled up, strolled around River Street and City Market, and had drinks at the Planters Tavern before heading to dinner.

We ate at the supposedly haunted Old Pink House and the food was UN-believable.  Everything was fried and it was delectable.  Fattening, but delectable. Here’s a shot of my dish – fried pork chops, mac and cheese, and collared greens.  So good.


On Saturday, Di and I went for a run to Forsyth Park, which from our hotel was about a 2.75 mile loop.  After our work out, we had an awesome brunch at the Chart House.  There’s nothing like fresh seafood and mango mimosas on an 85 degree day.

Then we made our way over to the Wormsloe Plantation.  To be completely truthful, I cared less about the history of this place and more about the breathtaking oak lined driveway.  Seriously, if you are ever near Savannah, stop here and take a picture. It’s amazing.

Here’s our best attempt at doing a jumping picture — which we pretty much failed at because we couldn’t predict exactly when the timer would go off… Eh, good enough 🙂

We happened to be in Savannah just in time to catch SCAD’s 31st annual Sidewalk Arts Festival, so after Wormsloe, we headed over there and saw some of the coolest sidewalk chalk art created by students, alumni and prospective students of the Savannah College of Art and Design.

For our final night we had dinner in city market and then headed over to Rocks on the River at the Bohemian Hotel — a rooftop bar with a wonderful view of the river and the city.  It was an amazing way to spend the last night of our trip!

All in all, I highly recommend visiting Savannah.  It was really full of life and culture and the people were nice to a fault.  I’ve never been treated so politely in my whole life! Next time I go, I definitely want to make a point to see some of the famous mansions like The Low House and The Mercer House — and I’m definitely going on that haunted pub crawl again!



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7 responses to “City and Burbs take Savannah

  1. It sounds and looks like you had a blast! I loved reading this and seeing your amazing outfits! I love Di’s arm candy, she always puts it together so well! 🙂 Love you ladies! Next time I want to come!!

  2. vanessa

    I loved reading every piece of this…I live vicariously through you city and burb ladies!!!! Not to mention I love the clothes!!!!xoxo

  3. Okay…I am seriously loving this post! You girls look like you had so much fun!! And your style throughout the trip is amazing!! Loving the shorts + blazers.
    I am so drooling over your seafood + mango mimosas breakfast…that looks like my idea of a perfect meal.
    Great photos ladies!
    XO – Marion

  4. racheltr

    Adorable outfits and amazing post! Love all the photos and I would love to make it there someday!

  5. can you please post more about where the outfits from your last day are from, especially the blazers?

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