The Webster for Target

I’m a fan of the Target collaboration lines , ie. Missoni for Target, and Jason Wu for Target being the last two – both of which were huge successes.  I managed to pick up the signature zig zag flats at the Missoni launch, and a few adorable polka dot tops at the Jason Wu launch.  Since most of my life revolves around work, I always make sure to pick up pieces that can easily transition from casual to business.  Also, as a rule, I don’t buy anything during these launches that I could find at H&M or Forever 21 for half the price.  Usually, I like to stick to unique pieces that I won’t find anywhere else.  This time around, Target partnered with The Webster Miami for their fashion collaboration which made for a very tropical and summery set of pieces.  Here’s a rundown of some of my favorite (and not so favorite) pieces in the line (most of which are also available in petites and plus size!).

Must Have

sheath dress – deco print $39.99 | fine guage cardigan $32.99 | cap toe wedge pump $39.99
boquet print cami/shorts set $24.99 | cap toe flat $29.99
stretch sateen shorts in melon $24.99

The sheath dress is definitely one of a kind with a fabulous color combo.  What beats navy and melon? Paired with a white cardi or blazer this would be a perfect work outfit!

The fine guage cardi is one of my favorite pieces.  Paired with a navy skirt or dark cropped jeans, this cardi can easily go from business to casual.

There’s not much to say about the cap toe wedges except that I needed them.  I can’t wear them to work (I’m just not a fan of corporate espadrilles), but these will definitely get a lot of use for me this summer, especially on the weekends and on vacation!

Normally, I shy way from ‘collaboration pjs’ but in this case the affordable price tag and the lightweight and breathable fabric of the cami/shorts set won me over.  Again, great for vacations as well.

I’m so in love with the cap toe nautical flats.  I see this paired with white jeans and a melon top, or my navy eyelit dress, or dark denim jeans and a white tee.

Finally, the melon sateen shorts — I just love the subtle pleats on these, so flattering.  Again, I would probably be able to find melon shorts elsewhere but the $24.99 price tag sealed the deal for me.

Leave Behind

jacquard skirt $29.99 | easy waist 3/4 sleeve dress $42.99
sleeveless jersey dress $29.99 (also in mango berry/khaki) | stretch sateen jacket $49.99 (also in navy)

I have to admit, I love the color of the jacquard skirt.  However, I really dislike the ‘printed texture’ thing that Target does with some of it’s collaboration pieces.  They did it for a Jason Wu skirt in their last launch. It’s like saying, “Hey, we couldn’t afford eyelit or lace so we just printed it on this stiff fabric. Here, pay 30 bucks for this.” They should have just stuck with the eyelit like they did on this navy skirt.

This easy waist dress has a cute palm tree pattern but the ruffles at the sleeves and the neckline just push it over the top for me.  Being top heavy, I like to stay away from too much ruffle on the chest so this dress is just not for me.

I love the idea of this jersey dress.  The color blocked navy and green are a great combo.  Unfortunately the top section is too flimsy and the skirt just has so much fabric it’s like wearing drapes.  Again, not for a top-heavy girl like me.

Finally, the sateen jacket.  You know I’m a big fan of blazers and actually I’d love to add a coral one and a navy one to my collection but $50 is just to big of a price tag.  I’m confident I can get something similar for much less somewhere else.

So, did you get a chance to shop The Webster for Target collection?  Did you get anything else from any of the other Shops at Target?



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4 responses to “The Webster for Target

  1. wow…i might have to check it out…i love the wedges and the flats…I can think of so many things they go with…thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. I desperately need those flats!

  3. Target corporate readers: please note that I bought 3 of the items above in addition to other items from the site!

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