Yummi flowers

I found this dress on SUPER sale during the winter.  I normally don’t buy things completely out of season in order to wear it a year later, however this just seemed like one of those timeless pieces.    I wore this to my cousin’s baby shower, Patty.  She’s one of my youngest cousins.  I still remember Patty when she learned how to walk.  She grew up to be a beautiful woman and is now expecting a baby with her hubby Brian.  Can’t wait to meet their little girl later this summer.

By the way, I’m so addicted to these shoes.  I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them a lot this summer.  They just brighten up any outfit.

What do you think?

Dress: Yummi Kim (via Saks), Shoes: Mango (ON SALE)



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8 responses to “Yummi flowers

  1. You look adorbs, as always. Are the shoes comfy? I’m looking for coral pumps but can’t decide…let me know 🙂

  2. Sharon

    Ooh those shoes totally spice up your outfit! Sometimes I’ll buy clothes out of season because you can get a really good deal on them. 🙂

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. Oooh, LOVE this dress Di! Blue is a great color on you…
    And I am SO excited to see you in the Ivanka Trump heels! I bet they would actually look ah-mazing with this dress!!
    XO – Marion

  4. This dress just pops! Really great color on you and I definitely think it can transcend to a fall/winter wear with adding a blazer and opague tights.


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