Pink, blue and yellow

It has been a rainy, dark week here in NYC.  So I thought I’d brighten up my mood by brightening up my outfit.  I just pulled all the bright things that caught my eye and put them on.   Kidding, but I did have a mission to dress bright.  Mission accomplished!

On another note, you may have noticed that Cat has not posted at all this week.  Well, she’s celebrating her one year anniversary with M in the Bahamas.  Happy Anniversary Sees and Bro!  Lucky for me, I’m also heading out to the tropics.  A wedding in Mexico for a dear friend’s wedding.  I’m so excited!   My flight is tomorrow morning, and for some crazy reason I decided to check my passport on Tuesday night around 10pm.  I usually just grab it and go, but not this time.  Guess what, I realized that it expired on August of 2011!!!  I freaked out, started crying and called my mom.  Mom fixes everything.  She told me that I would be able to go to a regional office and get express service and a passport the same day.  The closest available appointment was Wednesday morning in Connecticut!   I had to bring a bunch of documents and 2 passport pictures.  Well, I have a lot of outfit shots but no passport pictures handy.  I got all dolled up and headed to my local Walgreens, thank goodness for 24 hour service!  I woke up bright and early, gave myself 3 hours for a 50 mile drive and made it with 30 minutes to spare (thank you GW traffic!)  I’m so excited to tell you that I got a new passport and now I’m heading to Mexico tomorrow!  Yay!

Cant’ wait to share wedding pictures, guest outfits and vacation outfit shots!

Have a great weekend!

Top: Joe Fresh; Skirt: Banana Republic; Shoes: Gucci






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3 responses to “Pink, blue and yellow

  1. Sharon

    How funny, I’m also headed to the Bahamas to celebrate my first wedding anniversary in 2 weeks! Have a great time in Mexico and enjoy the wedding!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Have found in Mexico! Love the shoes with this outfit – adds a punch of fun to the outfit!

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