Pastels, blue and yellow

I picked up this skirt at H&M a couple of months ago, and forgot I had it.   I pulled it out the back of my closet and decided to wear it to the office on Friday.

Do you ever forget you buy things?  Doesn’t it feel great to “find” them?

Blazer and Skirt: H&M; Top: Banana Republic; Shoes: Calvin Klein; Necklace: Ebay






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14 responses to “Pastels, blue and yellow

  1. i do this OFTEN. and then i end up buying something i already have because i forgot i had it! oops! LOVE the yellow bubble necklace!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  2. Love this look! The yellow necklace adds a great pop of color!
    Same thing happens to me…more than it should. If I put something away I totally forget about it.

  3. Yes, I find treasures in my closet every once in a while 😉 I love that pastel skirt- is it lace?
    And girl… Your legs look amazing!

  4. Love the necklace with this outfit…just the right amount of pop!

  5. Thats a pretty skirt, but the necklace is my favourite part of the outfit!

  6. It is the best feeling to find a piece of clothing that I totally forgot about! By the way, love that necklace!

    Seize the Styles

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