I Really LOVE MY…

Rebecca Minkoff bag.  OK, If I were a celebrity (which sometimes I think I am)  I think that People Style Watch would feature me on their I Really LOVE MY segment because I’ve worn the heck out of this bag.  Since I’m not a celebrity, my hopes of being featured are probably slim to none so I’ve decided to feature me on MY blog.  There People Style, I don’t need you.  OK, kidding, I actually love your magazine 🙂

To think that I almost didn’t get this bag.  I contemplated it all the way up to the counter!

What have you worn to death?

Look 1 / Look 2

Look 3/ Look 4

Get the Look

(click here to purchase)

(image source)


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10 responses to “I Really LOVE MY…

  1. Love love love the concept of this blog – too cute! And of course the bag is amazing!
    Xo krystin

  2. crazystylelove

    Ha ha, I love People Stylewatch! I love how each outfit looks so different. This really shows the versatility of a yellow bag. Fabulous!

    ❤ Jenny

  3. That bag is SO gorgeous so I can see why you’d want to wear it with everything! Have a great weekend!


  4. Love the bag, I’d wear it with everything too if I had it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I totally giggled about People StyleWatch, haha! I tried on that Webster dress today, too. I’m sure I have something that would fall under “I Love My…” but I can’t pinpoint it right now!

  6. Miss ED

    Oh man… I have a few things I’ve worn to death, one of my favorite bags isn’t even mine, it’s my sister’s! I’ve worn my gold glitter flats a million times since the very first touches of spring 😉

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