The Difference a Light Makes – Entryway Progresss

Slowly but surely, I’m making progress towards putting the finishing touches on my house.  My latest focus has been on the entryway — after all, it’s the first room that people walk into when they visit our home.  So, I want it to be welcoming, but also functional. This is where we started — I actually made a video and put it on my now abandoned tumblr almost two years ago.  Check that out here.  Since then, we’ve painted, added a rug and some furniture and just this week, changed the lighting.  I actually pinned this Uttermost drum pendant on Pinterest quite a while ago and was lucky to find it at a discounted price at a local lighting store.

Here is the lighting before and after.

I love lighting, and I think it makes such a huge difference in a room.  Still, there are quite a few things left to do in the foyer before I consider it finished.

Here is my running list:

Entryway Progress:

Check out my entryway pinterest board to see when I’m struck with inspiration and get some inspiration yourself.  Do you use pinterest to organize your home decor inspiration? Fashion inspiration?



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2 responses to “The Difference a Light Makes – Entryway Progresss

  1. That pendant is awesome and such the statement piece, I love it!

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