I’m loving skulls

Skulls have been around for a while, but have recently been more prominent thanks to the amazing creations of Alexander McQueen.  They didn’t really call out my name until I came across this beauty during a Birthday Dinner at Beauty and Essex.  The bag retailed for $2000.00, it just was WAY more than I would ever dream about spending on a trendy item like this.  After much research, I found the maker of the bag – Shay Accessories, and found it retailing for $1500.00…still WAY out of my price range.  Needless to say, I walked away disappointed, but with a new found love for skulls!

Source: tumblr.com via Brittany on Pinterest


While doing some Birthday shopping I came across this top and knew I had to have it.  Not the $2000.00 priced bag (that I STILL dream about) but at a reasonable price that I felt comfortable spending.

Would you have bought the bag? (Confession, I’m still considering it!)

Top: Soho boutique (similar) ; Jeans: Zara: Shoes: LC Lauren Conrad (old); Necklace: Nordstrom (available in stores)



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5 responses to “I’m loving skulls

  1. You make skulls so incredibly chic! I love the contrast of the red skinnies with the black and white print.

  2. I’ve had an obsession with skulls for a long time. That bag …. is an exquisite dream! Loveee this look on you!


  3. Maria

    I’m loving skulls too. I love how you paired your top with the red pants!


  4. That bag is really cute but there’s no way I’d drop that much on it, it’s more than my rent! I love the skull top, so fun!

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  5. Erika

    I would NEVER spend that much money on a bag unless I was Trump. Skulls are trendy too. I would maybe, possibly, in my wildest dreams, spend that kind of money on a classic bag.

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