Vancouver : I’m a Fan

This week, I was lucky enough to join my husband on a business trip to Vancouver. As I mentioned on Tuesday, the weather was close to perfect this week but that is not the only thing about Vancouver that makes it a great vacation destination. There's no way i could possibly cover everything, but here are a few things that I absolutely loved about this charming city:

The Seawall

This pedestrian/cycling/rollerblading path runs pretty much around the entire perimeter of the city and runs across beaches, marinas, small parks, and ultimately the very famous Stanley Park. It seems like all of Vancouver flocks to these places in the summer so its constantly filled with activity. We rode bikes through Sunset Beach, English Bay and up through Stanley park and it was absolutely beautiful.

Bike Lanes Everywhere

I really enjoy bike riding but get very intimidated by cars on the road, especially busy roads. Well, Vancouver remedies that issue by having bike lanes on virtually every street in the city and numerous trails and paths in addition to that. Besides Amsterdam, this is the most bicycle friendly city I've ever encountered and I loved every minute of it!

The Yums

I admit I had the power of Yelp to help me make culinary decisions, but every single restaurant we dined in was a home run. Not only that, they were also beautifully decorated and the staff at each one was very friendly. Our favorite restaurant hands down was Back Forty, a southern barbecue joint with a genuine, Texan smoker sitting right outside (the smell is actually what drew us in!) Both the food and atmosphere were spectacular. Meanwhile, our favorite non-restaurant was the Re-Up BBQ food truck (if you're a fan of The Wire, or drugs, you'll recognize the reference). We love our barbecue!


Celebration of Lights

Every summer, Vancouver, hosts a fireworks competition between several different countries. This year, Vietnam, Brazil and Italy are battling for best fireworks display and those in Vancouver are treated to three shows. On 3 nights in a week, the entire city it seems, gathers along the seawall near English Bay and Sunset Beach to watch the 25 minute show. And though I like my fireworks with a little America the Beautiful, it was breathtaking nonetheless. I'm glad we were here at the right time to see 2 of the shows!

I know there's a ton more to see so I definitely want to return. Have you been to Vancouver? If so, what are your favorite things to do?



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3 responses to “Vancouver : I’m a Fan

  1. I have only heard great things about Vancouver! Amazing photos! 🙂 Looks like so much fun!

  2. Wow- what awesome pictures! I’ve never been to Vancouver but it looks amazing!


  3. You make me wanna go to Vancouver!!!

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