There Are Three Flowers in a Vase

The third flower is yellow.

Kudos to you if you recognized the quote above from the short-lived and brilliant Joss Whedon series, Dollhouse.  You may also know Joss Whedon as the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and the director of this year’s summer blockbuster, The Avengers.  My Whedon fangirling aside, the purpose of the quote was to get you in a floral state of mind.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, floral prints have been a huge trend this season (see Diana in a floral skirt here, floral jeans here and here and Catalina in a floral dress here) and it looks like the trend is going to continue into the fall.  So if you haven’t picked up any floral yet, you still have time to get on board with the trend.  Here are a few suggestions:

For Work
Dorothy Perkins | $49

For Play
Paige @ Zappos | $91.99 (on sale)

On Your Feet
ASOS | $18.23 (on sale)

On your Arm

I searched high and low and couldn’t find the origin of this clutch — let me know if you find it!

Around Your Neck
Zara | $19.99 (on sale)

On Your Wall

On Your Floor
Anthropologie | $98 – $1,598

What’s your take on florals this season? Post links in the comments! Are you looking forward to the fall take on this trend?



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Stripes and Pink

Ooh,  I found this skirt way in the back of my closet.  I really need to clean up better.  Check out other ways I’ve styled it (here and here).    I decided to pair it with this pink top,  I was feeling girly this morning.

Happy Monday all!

Top: J Crew; Skirt: The Limited (similar) ; Shoes: Steve Madden;  Necklace: Forever 21


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Hello Sailor

Remember when I bought these red shorts?  Well, I picked up this top and jeans as well, but these were on sale 🙂   As soon as I saw this top, I knew I had to have it.  There’s just something so cute about those little anchors, they make me feel like a sailor (salute)  And these jeans, well they were so bright that they found me.  Oh by the way, they are all still on sale and available…yay!

Have a great weekend all.  I’m heading to Fire Island with 20 other girls for a bachelorette party for my wonderful friend Meghan!

Top and Jeans : J Crew; Shoes: Ivanka Trump;  Necklace: See Jewelry; Bracelets: Old Navy (old)


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My 5 Favorite Pinterest Trends

For those of you familiar with Pinterest, you understand all the hype. For those of you not yet on the bandwagon, I’ll just say this — it’s kind of like chocolate, it’s hard to describe to anyone else but once you try it you’ll understand the obsession.  So just sign up already! And follow our Pinterest Boards — Diana, Catalina, City and Burbs.

I love Pinterest for all the obvious reasons: it provides a centralized, visually pleasing repository for all my ideas, inspirations, and life plans; it helps me curate my style and better understand and define my brand; and it helps lets me take a peek at others’ styles as well, satisfying my curious tooth ;).  Another reason I love Pinterest though is for trends.  Whether they’re fashion & beauty trends, home decor trends, wedding trends, or cooking trends, definite trends do emerge.  Some are life changing and some are merely amusing, either way, here are my favorites!

source source source source source
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Arm Parties
I’m not that great at putting wrist accessories together.  Thank God females all over pinterest are! Not only do I get unique ideas for metals and colors that I can mix, but there are also a TON of DIY ideas as well!

Easy To Execute Updos
I abhor straightening my hair.  If a genie granted me three wishes, maintenance-free hair would definitely be one of those wishes.  So on those days when I’m really dreading whipping out the round brush and blow dryer, I love that these great ideas are waiting for me in my ‘Hair’ pin board.  I wear a sock bun at least once a week!

Wall Galleries
Pinterest has led me to believe that no home is complete without a photo gallery wall and I’m glad for that because I think it’s a wonderful way to show case your family and favorite things to anyone who comes to your home.  Seeing so many in my pinterest feed day after day has definitely given me some great ideas for when I build mine!

Single Serving Muffin Tin Treats
Okay, remember before when I mentioned that some pins were amusing and some were life-changing? Well these are life changing.  I cook for two most of the time.  So these muffin tin meals and desserts are perfect for M and me.  They’re also super adorable :).

Ingenious Household Tips
The final and most useful trend is household tips.  The ladies of pinterest are super creative and can MacGyver any item in to a cleaning product.  The best one for me so far has been the super easy way to clean stove burner grates using ammonia.  Check it out. It will change your life too!

Are you on Pinterest? If not, what are you waiting for? If so, what are your favorite Pinterest trends?


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DVF Dress

I got this dress at the latest DVF Sample sale!  You all know how much I love the DVF sample sales.  I almost didn’t post it because it looks like the camera doesn’t love this pattern too much.  I think it’s fun and unexpected.  I decided to throw on my fave yellow shoes for an additional pop.

What do you think, yellow shoes too much?

Dress: DVF; Shoes: Ivanka Trump


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Wear to the Office : Semi-Monochromatic

Hopping off my sisters idea from yesterday, I also decided to do a monochromatic look today, well semi-monochromatic anyway.  The color – cream.  The twist here is that the lace skirt has a coral underlay but I kept everything else neutral.  And perfect timing too because it is scorching out there and I want to keep my outfits as light as possible.  What do you think? Semi-Monochromatic | City and Burbs

blouse : forever 21 | lace skirt : willi smith @ tj maxx | nude pumps : vince camuto heath | bubble necklace : ebay


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Wear to the Office – Color block

I decided to be a bit daring this morning and put on a lot of color.  I did get a few weird looks, but I’m just hoping it was because I was having a great hair day rather than just a really loud outfit.

Is this too much for the office, or would you wear it?

Top: Banana Republic (similar) ; Skirt: J Crew; Shoes: Steve Madden

Color Blocking | Everybody, Everywear


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Wear to the Office – Pink and Yellow

I have to admit, as much as I love celebrating a good holiday, a Wednesday celebration is just a bit weird.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a break from the week anytime, but it just seemed like such a tease.  Anyway, as I return the office,  I decided I would bringhten up my outfit in hopes of brightening up my mood (I’m feeling so lazy)  Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Are you all working today?  Or did you take the day off?

Ooh, we’re taking over Coming Unstitched, come check out our post!  🙂

Top: Joe Fresh; Skirt: J Crew Outlet; Shoes: Nine West;  Necklace: Ebay



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NYC Bloggers Unite

A couple weekends ago, Diana and I met up with some fellow fashion bloggers in the NYC tri-state area to chat about all things blogging! We  counseled each other and helped each other become better bloggers.  It was a great day.  We brunched at Spring Street Natural, visited the C Wonder around the corner and then had some coffee and more conversation at Starbucks.  Here is what we wore:

Do you notice the lovely background in the pictures?  Does it look a little Tory Burchy to you?  Well, we’re in C Wonder here — the brainchild of Christopher Burch.  Yep, the ex-husband of Tory Burch who is not thrilled with the fact that the store is so similar to her brand at a much more affordable price tag.  In fact, it’s the subject of a very vicious (and fascinating) battle between the Burches — read more about that here!

Here are some more pictures of our fabulous meetup (thanks Candace!).  Be sure to check out the links to our fellow bloggers sites as well!

   The Style Climber –
Ripped Nylon –
Made in Ummerica –
Pure Ferocity –
Debutante Funk –
KurvayshusB –
African Print in Fashion –


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Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July to all our awesome followers!


Di and Cat

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