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Don’t worry, be happy

Working around Penn Station in NYC I see the craziest things.  People talking to people that aren’t’ really there, a mom changing a kid’s diaper as he stand at the bus stop (yes, that really happened!).  It’s a very diverse place, to say the least.   I’ve become immune to it, so not much surprises me anymore.  Plus, there’s always so much going on that the memory of what I’ve seen or heard lasts for about 30 seconds and I’m quickly distracted by something else.   Today was not much different, except that I was on the PATH with nowhere to go until I arrived to my stop.  I was standing next to a man listening to his ipod, he was listening to Jay Z’s “Paris”.  I knew that because it was so loud I could clearly hear the lyrics…it’s actually a favorite of mine (I know, I’m a hip-hop junkie).   Anyway, he was holding onto the top railing moving, shaking and mouthing the lyrics as if he was at the club.  I immediately thought “this guy is crazy” and proceeded to step a few steps away (as much as I could in a crowded subway cart).  As I’m staring at him, he looks at me, smiles and keeps on dancing.  I laughed and realized, this guy is not crazy, he’s just happy.  It is 7am in the morning and everyone is miserable, including me.  He’s dancing and enjoying life at 7am and he wants the world to know.  I wanted to join in his dance party, but that was a bit too much for me.  All I know is that he made me smile for the rest of the morning.   Thank you happy PATH guy! 

Now onto today’s outfit.  As I near my mid-30’s (crap!), I’ve learned a lot about how to dress for my body, size and about my style.  I try to buy things that I can wear both to the office and on the weekends.  When I saw this top it had “work and play” written all over it.  Here’s how I wore it to the office and out to brunch to celebrate my dear friend’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Mari! 

Top: Banana Republic; Skirt: Elie Tahari; Shoes: Jessica Simpson; Watch: LaMer

Blazer: LC for Kohls



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Casual Sunday

Cat’s hubby was out of town this weekend, that means I got a ton of sees time!!!  On Friday night we had a sleep over and worked on a super fun DIY project, neon yellow cap toe heels…of course inspired by A Pair and a Spare.  I’m thinking about wearing these for Marion’s “Trend of the Month Challenge”.  Make sure you stop by her blog and join the challenge.  She has GREAT style, is hysterical and super sweet! 

On Saturday, Cat and I woke up to a FB message from our cousin telling us that she’s having a last minute party for her little princess turning 3.   Although we were planning to go for a run, we immediately thought the same thing and raced to the Gap to buy her a DVF for Gap outfit!!!  Yay, mission accomplished!  Hmmm…in case you were wondering, no we didn’t go for a run, we walked really fast in the mall to get a workout…ha ha. 

We eneded the weekend with a mom and daughter shopping trip to the mall, hence the fitting rooms pictures.  We’re still a bit shy about taking pictures outside…baby steps, baby steps.

Have a great week!



On Di – Top: F21 (similar), Jeans: Asos, Shoes: Target, Necklace: H&M,

On Cat –  Shoes: Tom’s, Jeans: Jessica Simpson (similar)  , Top:  F21,  Blazer:  Zync



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The Burbs does SF – Day 1

This weekend I traveled to San Francisco to visit fellow blogger (or as I like to call her, my West Coast Bestie), Sabrina of Sabrina and the City. I can tell you hands down, that there is not another person in SF that loves this city as much as she does. As a result, pal Jessica and I were treated to an unforgettable visit, jam-packed with the very best SF had to offer. Over the next three days, I’ll document our fantastic stay.  Here is a run down of our first Day.

Day 1
Sabs lives in an area of San Fran called Pacific Heights so we started there and walked down Broadway to ogle the multi-million dollar homes. Apparently, the president was in the area a few weeks ago and held a campaign fund raiser in one of these homes — maybe it was at this $38 million one?


After seeing all these fabulous homes, we ended on the Lyon Street Steps where a lot of people come to run up and down the stairs for a workout. It’s also where we saw our first Heart of San Francisco.

Lyon Street Step

After that we walked down to Lombard Street to see the crookedest street in the world.

Lombard Street

We then caught a the cable car from Lombard down to downtown to Union Square (pro tip: if you’re in SF and want to experience the cable car, take it from one of the interior stops as opposed to the end stops in order to avoid the long lines).

San Francisco Cable CarSan Francisco Cable CarSan Francisco Cable Car


In Union Square, we visited the rest of the Hearts and did a little shopping before we headed to our last stop before dinner.


Our last stop, and the most exciting in my opinion, was Alamo Square. Being children of the 80s and growing up with Full House on TGIF, we just had to see the iconic painted ladies on Postcard Row,

Painted Ladies, Postcard Row

long sleeved tee : express | grey cardigan, necklace, cross-body bag : Forever 21/XXI | yellow jeans : target | shoes : sperry

and the actual “Full House” house at 1709 Broderick Street about a mile away.

Full House House, 1709 Broderick Street

After almost 6 miles of walking, we headed home, showered, and went out to dinner at 620 Jones and then drinks and dancing at Le Colonial. It was a great end to a wonderful first day!


jacket : express | blouse : joe fresh


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Black and White

I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Neris from Fashion Fractions.  She recently posted a black and white outfit and added a few pieces to spruce it up.   Here’s my version.

Have a great day!


Top: Jason Wu for Target

Necklace: Stephan and Co

Jeans: AG

Boots: Jessica Simpson (similar)





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Casual Weekend

This was one of the outfits I wore last week during our quiet weekend in Jamesport.  

Hope you have a great week!!!



Top: Gap (similar)

Fur Vest: 5/48 (similar)

Necklace: Off 5th (similar)

Jeggings: AG (similar)

Boots: Jessica Simpson (similar)


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My Daily Outfits – Coral Floral

Where: Dinner
Dress: Jessica Simpson via Hautelook
Belt: Gap
Sweater: Banana Republic
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Bag: Louis Vioutton

As I mentioned before, coral is my new color obsession. I love how this cardi goes with almost everything I own this summer.

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My Daily Outfit – Casual Friday

Where: Work from home
Top: Hoboken Boutique
Leggings: Banana Republic
Boots: Jessica Simpson

So, in case you haven’t noticed I’m not a huge jewelry person.  A main reason is because I have baby wrists.  Nothing fits them! Except for these adorable H&M bracelets.  They come in a pack of five and they are elastic so they fit my baby wrists!!!

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My Daily Outifts – March 19, 2011

Where: Saturday errands, cousin’s birthday party
Top: Target
Sweater: Banana Republic
Jeans: J Brand
Boots: Jessica Simpson
Necklace: Banana Republic
Bracelets: H&M

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