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Wear to the Office – Pink and Yellow

I have to admit, as much as I love celebrating a good holiday, a Wednesday celebration is just a bit weird.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a break from the week anytime, but it just seemed like such a tease.  Anyway, as I return the office,  I decided I would bringhten up my outfit in hopes of brightening up my mood (I’m feeling so lazy)  Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Are you all working today?  Or did you take the day off?

Ooh, we’re taking over Coming Unstitched, come check out our post!  🙂

Top: Joe Fresh; Skirt: J Crew Outlet; Shoes: Nine West;  Necklace: Ebay




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Wear to the Office – Stripes and Green

Hey everyone, we’re baaaaack.   I have some outfit shots to post later on in the week.  For now,  I leave you with today’s work outfit.   This is one of those skirts I only wear in the Spring/Summer time.  I really love it because it just goes with everything.  Oh, and did you notice I finally got a haircut?   Secret, I used to tease the heck out of my crown just to get some volume because it was so long and weighed down.  I finally have some “natural” volume back.

Top: Ann Taylor: Skirt: Loft; Shoes: Nine West; Necklace: JCrew


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Sunny Yellow

I generally don’t like to wear sleeveles dresses to the office.   I usually cover them up with a blazer or in this case a light cardigan.   I’m top heavy so I usually like to tone down what’s going on up there.

Do you wear sleeveless to the office?


Dress: Banana Republic;  Cardigan: Limited; Shoes: Nine West; Necklace: Jcrew outlet


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Wear to the Office – Bright pants

Bright pants are a bit tricky for the office.  I wouldn’t recommend them for a very strict business environment.  If you’re office is a bit laid back, here are my tips for wearing bright pants.  

First, I would stay away from prints.   Stick to a solid color, blue, green or red (I own them all).  Pair them with a tailored blazer.  I picked a dark blue to add some contrast and to tone down the bright green.  I was considering wearing a white or tan blouse, however I found this top in the back of my closet and loved the monochromatic look it created.   Finish the look with a pair of neutral shoes.   I didn’t wear the necklace or bracelet to the office, a bit too much for me.  I added it later in the day for dinner with friends.

Tell me, would you wear bright pants to the office? 

Top: Banana Republic (0ld); Pants: Express (similar) ; Blazer: Banana Republic; Shoes: Nine West; Necklace: Nordstrom; Bracelet: F21


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Don’t worry, be happy

Working around Penn Station in NYC I see the craziest things.  People talking to people that aren’t’ really there, a mom changing a kid’s diaper as he stand at the bus stop (yes, that really happened!).  It’s a very diverse place, to say the least.   I’ve become immune to it, so not much surprises me anymore.  Plus, there’s always so much going on that the memory of what I’ve seen or heard lasts for about 30 seconds and I’m quickly distracted by something else.   Today was not much different, except that I was on the PATH with nowhere to go until I arrived to my stop.  I was standing next to a man listening to his ipod, he was listening to Jay Z’s “Paris”.  I knew that because it was so loud I could clearly hear the lyrics…it’s actually a favorite of mine (I know, I’m a hip-hop junkie).   Anyway, he was holding onto the top railing moving, shaking and mouthing the lyrics as if he was at the club.  I immediately thought “this guy is crazy” and proceeded to step a few steps away (as much as I could in a crowded subway cart).  As I’m staring at him, he looks at me, smiles and keeps on dancing.  I laughed and realized, this guy is not crazy, he’s just happy.  It is 7am in the morning and everyone is miserable, including me.  He’s dancing and enjoying life at 7am and he wants the world to know.  I wanted to join in his dance party, but that was a bit too much for me.  All I know is that he made me smile for the rest of the morning.   Thank you happy PATH guy! 

Now onto today’s outfit.  As I near my mid-30’s (crap!), I’ve learned a lot about how to dress for my body, size and about my style.  I try to buy things that I can wear both to the office and on the weekends.  When I saw this top it had “work and play” written all over it.  Here’s how I wore it to the office and out to brunch to celebrate my dear friend’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Mari! 

Top: Banana Republic; Skirt: Elie Tahari; Shoes: Jessica Simpson; Watch: LaMer

Blazer: LC for Kohls


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Wear to the office – Lace

Keeping lace professional sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, however wearing lace to the office can be done.  Just make sure you keep a few things in mind.  I would stay away from tops (although I did it once…and got a few weird looks).  Bottoms in neutral colors would work best, black, blue or even cream lace on a casual Friday.  Make sure it’s a “thick/crochet” lace.  Anything thinner than that would probably not work.  Add some simple details like a button down with a lady-like necklace, simple pumps, and maybe a belt (for contrast) and you’re ready to tackle the work day .

Here’s how I do it.  Do you wear lace to the office? 



Top and necklace: JCrew Factory Store;  Skirt: The Limited; Shoes: Nine West




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Age appropriate clothing???

My bf and I have an ongoing bicker about what I should wear.  When we pass by a Bebe store, his eyes light up as he turns to me and says, “you would look hot in that tiny dress”.  I usually laugh and tell him I’m not 21 anymore and walk into the next store, usually Banana Republic or Loft.  I’m a big believer in age-appropriate dressing.  A tight bandage skirt with a flowy top is totally cute on my stylish little cousin who is in her 20s, but not so much on me, I’m 35…and proud.  However, today I was faced with someone that did not share my views on this.  I was in the subway when I saw a woman accompanied by a teen who was probably her grandson…I hope.  She was probably in her 50s wearing a black shorts suit with knee high velvet flat boots (the shorts were really short but she had on sheer tights).  She added an orange bag for a pop of color and her makeup and hair were well done.  She seemed like a very poised lady and she looked GOOD.  I was taken back by this look as I entered the subway in this outfit.  I couldn’t stop thinking about this all day, which begs the question, do you believe in dressing age appropriate or does anything go as long as you look good?   I would love to hear your comments!  



Shirt: Loft, Pants: Express, Blazer: LC for Kohls, Shoes: Nine West

Green | Everybody, Everywear


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My Daily Outfits – Blueberry and Melon

Where: Work
Top and Pants: Banana Republic
Blazer: H&M
Boots: Nine West
My mom’s birthday was yesterday and she always makes a delicious fruit salad.  This outfit was inspired by the blueberries and melon in the salad.  Don’t forget…inspiration is all around us 🙂

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My Daily Outifts – March 8, 2011

Where: Work
Blouse / Pants: Banana Republic
Sweater: J Crew
Shoes: Nine West
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