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Wedding Guest Attire – Cancun

Frank and I headed off to Cancun last weekend to celebrate the wedding of my dear friends Scott and Lana.    As you may recall, I attended Lana’s super fun bridal shower a few months ago.  This was my first destination wedding ever, we had such a blast!  There are so many advantages of a destination wedding, my favorite is the weekend long party.

The invitation called for semi-formal attire, this is what I wore.   I forgot to take a solo shot so here I am with my friend Amy and Frank 🙂   Double the pleasure, double the fun!

On me: Dress: Aidan Mattox via Saks (now on sale!); Shoes: Plenty by Tracy Reese (no longer available; Bag: Chanel; Necklace: Kohls

On Amy: Dress:  BCBG via Saks (now on sale!)

Here I am with my handsome man 🙂

Groom, patiently waiting for his beautiful bride

Here comes the bride and her parents

The Bridesmaids – Genius idea to get a convertible dress!  Not sure where they bought them from, but I found this one.
  Bridesmaids dresses are from Von Vonni



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Wedding Redux – The Bride and Her Girls

So, here we are on the last day of wedding week.  I hope you’ve had as wonderful of a time as I have revisiting our nuptials.  Today we dive into the wedding day attire, hair and makeup.

The Hair and Makeup

I’m willing to bet that the vendors I chose for makeup and hair are the best makeup artist and hair stylist in the state of New Jersey.  Hands down.  Mandy from La Sorella Bridal and Jillyan from Skin Bar and Paint did an OUTSTANDING job on me, my girls and our moms.  From a makeup perspective it was really important for me to have the perfect balance of subtlety and radiance and Jillyan and her assistant totally delivered, both for me and everyone else.  They were sweet and engaging and the experience was super pleasant.  As far as hair is concerned, mine is boring and doesn’t generally behave the way I want it to.  Mandy, with her massive amount of expertise, did not only give my hair texture and structure, it also kept for the entire night.  Actually, I’m not going to lie — when I woke up the next morning it was still pretty much intact.  My sister even said that it was the first time she’s ever liked a professional hairstyle that she’s gotten done.  Here are a few shots:

The Bridesmaids Dresses

I love my bridesmaids and I wanted them to look gorgeous on my wedding day.  I envisioned a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline in purple chiffon so when I saw the Bari Jay 103 dress, I knew it was the one.  The girls chose their own jewelry and shoes and the dress was flattering on all of them so everyone looked spectacular and unique.

The Jewelry

I definitely wanted to look as traditional as possible during the wedding ceremony but I also wanted to look a little more glamorous during the reception.  Since I didn’t have the budget for more than one dress, I chose to achieve this by using jewelry.  For the ceremony I wore a string of pearls and pearl earrings given to me by my godmother.

Then for the ceremony, I ditched a necklace altogether and swapped out the pearl studs for crystal chandelier earrings.

The Shoes

I knew I wanted to go with a non-traditional purple shoe for the wedding.  I didn’t expect that I would buy two pairs, however – but I did.  I bought both the Badgley Mischka Randall and Randee shoes and the final choice was a last minute decision:

I chose the Randalls:

The Bouquet:

I loved the idea of the contrast of a purple bouquet against my white dress, and white bouquets against the girls purple dresses.  Doreen from Amazonas made some beautiful bouquets for me and the girls.  (My bouquet is actually pretty popular on pinterest!)  I loved all the bouquets — the only thing I wished I’d done slightly different is make the bridesmaids bouquets smaller.

The Veil

When I saw Bride Wars for the first time, I wasn’t even engaged — and honestly, I’ve never been one to daydream about my wedding day.  So, I was surprised what an impression it made on me when I saw Anne Hathaway’s veil.    I just loved they way it looked like she had just one giant piece of tulle draped over her, it was magnificent.  Well, the internet failed me on this one because this was the only image I could find of it:

After hours upon hours of research I was finally able to deduce the type of veil that it was — a cathedral length drop veil.  I found a lovely veil shop in Pompton Plains – headpiece.com.  The owner and designer Marie Hunt makes gorgeous veils and on my first visit to her shop, I found exactly what I wanted.  Here’s the veil hanging from my ex-dining room ceiling fan.  Here it is in all it’s glory from the front,

from the back,

and from the side.

The Dress

Being that Kleinfeld is right in New York City, I think it’s sort of a tradition for NY metro area brides to at least try on dresses there.  It was the first dress store I went to so I had no intention of buying a dress.  This Monique Lhuillier from the Bliss Collection was the first dress that my stylist, Diane, picked out  and I loved it the moment I tried it on. The delicate lace bodice was a perfect complement to the tufted silk organza modified A-line skirt.  The dress had no train initially and I was uneasy about it at first but Diane was quick to suggest that we request to add one and they did.  Problem solved.  Finally one of my favorite aspects of the dress was the belt.  I loved the wow factor that it added to an otherwise simple dress.  Again, it was the perfect embodiment of simplicity and elegance (at least in my opinion :).)

So there you have it! Thanks for letting me indulge myself a little on my first anniversary — although I hope it was helpful to you if you’re looking to plan a wedding.

Stay tuned next week for non-wedding posts including my attendance at the IFB Inside Generation Style runway show.

Have a great weekend!


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Wedding Redux – Decorations and DIYs

I’m convinced that even if I’d had no decorations, both the church and the venue would have still been beautiful.  But since I really wanted to make our wedding memorable, I made sure to add carefully placed details throughout the day.

The Centerpieces

When I first started planning the wedding I thought deciding on and finding invitations was going to be the most difficult task – until it came time to plan the centerpieces.  I literally did not know the first thing about flowers. Actually, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that I have somewhat of a black thumb.  And once again, I had the same problem as the invitations — while I know what I like, simplicity and elegance, I didn’t have the slightest idea how to translate that into flowers.  Thankfully, Doreen of Amazonas Exotic Floral Designs, helped me turn that into a reality.  Before I could really articulate what I wanted, I had stumbled across and decided on the “submerged orchid” idea which while perfectly nice, didn’t really capture the look we were going for – and Doreen definitely picked up on my reluctance.  At her insistence, we ditched the idea and she helped me to come up with something a bit more neutral and symmetrical.  We simply did groups of 3 4×4 square vases at each table with 9 white roses each, flanked by 2×2 square votives.  It was absolutely perfect and since the centerpieces were short, our guests were able to talk across the table to each other without something in the way.  I could have gone with something more grand but I loved that they were just simple and unassuming.

The Table Numbers

I loved the idea of personalizing the table numbers.  I know couples who have named their tables after places they’ve visited together, their favorite sports teams, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of anything cutesy like that to use as a table number theme.  I briefly entertained the idea of doing TV shows, but since I have about 13 favorite TV shows and Mike has 2,  I thought that would have been terribly one sided.  So instead I went the self-indulgent route and used the photos from our engagement shoot as table numbers.  I used Photoshop to do it but actually, Picasa has a nifty, easy to use function that does the same thing.  I then had two of each photo printed on glossy paper and mounted them on either side of some thick poster board.  Our guests loved them and I was glad we got to use our engagement photos!

The Luminaries

Originally I had considered doing luminaries as the table numbers but since there was an outside area I wanted to decorate that as well and the luminaries were perfect.  I was originally going to order them from etsy but making them turned out to be SUPER simple and inexpensive.  In fact, this DIY wins the award for least stressful wedding project. I simply printed our logo and wedding date on vellum paper (right from my inkjet), and taped them around some dollar store cylinder vases.  I put a votive in the vase and voila! It actually cost me around $1.50 per luminary!

The Gobo

You’re probably asking — what is a gobo?  Well, I didn’t know what one was either, until I saw one, and then I had to have one.  Basically is a light projected through a filter onto a surface.  Thankfully this was part of Ambient DJs services so we were able to use it — they even let me design my own! So this,

became this.

The Ribbon Wands

Our church has a strict ‘no throwing anything’ policy for weddings — no rice, no flower petals, no bird seed – nothing.  So I was stumped as to what the send off would be.  Thankfully, I stumbled on this blog post over at Ruffled Blog which not only had the wonderful idea of making ribbon wands but also had a tutorial on how to make them.  With my mom and dad’s help, I made approximately 100 ribbon wands and though it was painstaking and I hot glued my fingers to each other quite a few times, it was worth it.

If only for this one photo.

I had so much fun doing these projects and because I spent so much time on them, they’ll always be a part of the memory of our wedding.  So my advice to brides-to-be out there is, make at least one detail of your wedding.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with a dozen DIY projects but definitely get hands on.  It’s fulfilling.

Tomorrow (the last day of wedding week, sad face) I’ll finally tell you all about the attire – my dress, shoes, jewelry, bouquets and the bridesmaids dresses as well.  I’ll also chat about our hair and makeup crew, who were out of this world incredible.

Til then.

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Wedding Redux – Ambiance, Memories and Gratitude

Today during wedding week, I’m going to share with you some of the details around how I made venue and vendor decisions, and how I thanked my guests for their presence and their generous gifts.

The Church

We were lucky in this aspect as our local Roman Catholic church is just spectacular. Its beauty makes it highly coveted though, so we had to book pretty early and a lot of the dates were unavailable. I’d originally wanted to have the wedding in late April or early May but May was completely booked and since Easter was late last year, late April was out for us too. So, we picked April 9th and thankfully the day of turned out to be unseasonably beautiful!

The Venue

The day I walked into the Lake Valhalla Club in Montvale, NJ, I heard angels sing. Seriously, it was like a RomCom movie moment – I just knew. I’d been visiting traditional wedding venues for weeks, and was always a little disappointed that they didn’t capture the essence of our slightly rough edges. The other places were grand, magnificent and refined but those who know us, know that doesn’t fit the bill. The LVC ballroom is rustic, with high ceilings and a breath taking view of Lake Valhalla. So, while I actually saw this when I walked in:

my mind saw this:

They could have served rocks for dinner and I wouldn’t have cared. Thankfully though, it wasn’t only a gorgeous venue, they ended up having wonderful food and impeccable service too. The maitre’d, Perry, was outstanding and SUPER flexible, which if you’re an indecisive, frazzled bride, is a lifesaver. For me, choosing this venue was a no-brainer, so if you’re a bride-to-be looking for a venue, I urge you to wait until you find ‘the one.’

The Vendors

The next thing on the list was the vendors – most importantly the photographer and the DJ. (There are many more — transportation, hotel, videographer — but I’ll focus on those two for the sake of brevity. If you’d like more info on any other vendors, just ask in the comments below.)

The Photographer

I don’t think she knows this but when we met with our photographer for the first time, we had already chosen another one. We only met with her because we had already set up the appointment and felt badly canceling. Well, it ended up being the best move we made because Tatiana Breslow blew us away. Technically she had everything we were looking for — she had a lot of experience under her belt, an amazing portfolio, reasonable prices and she gave us the rights to our photos. Beyond that it was very clear she was passionate about photography and was very skilled at her craft. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I place high value on expertise and Tatiana has it in spades. Finally though, it was her personality that clinched it – the three of us just really hit it off. And I knew that on the day of the wedding, that would be important. I got a little bridezilla-y during the portraits and she had the patience of a saint. I’ll never forget that. Overall I couldn’t have been happier with the experience and the final product. (Note: most of the photos in this week’s blog posts were taken by Tatiana.)

The DJ

During our DJ search there were several things we were looking for. We wanted someone who was passionate about music, had music tastes beyond traditional wedding songs, was able to infuse Latin music into the repertoire, and could think on his feet and be able to direct the flow of the party seamlessly. When we met with Gregg and Greg of Ambient DJ, that’s exactly what they projected. Throughout the process they were great as well — regularly sending emails about songs they thought we would like. Also, their planning tools were GREAT — with access to a MASSIVE database of music to help us pick some must have songs. Finally, and most importantly, they both had great attitudes and on the day of the wedding that was very evident. Our guests loved the music and danced all night long — they even let me play DJ for a bit which was pretty awesome!

The Thank You Cards

While I was stalking researching photographers and the venue, I came across this blog post by another local photographer of a couple who had also had their wedding at LVC. I made a habit of routinely googling “Lake Valhalla Club blog” to see what other couples had done at LVC to get some inspiration. I loved Erica and Dave’s wedding but the thing that really grabbed my attention were those thank you cards towards the end of the post. I had to have them but I couldn’t find any info on them and didn’t even have a clue what they were called. After many many google searches I finally deduced that they are called multi-fold accordion cards and that these particular ones were made over at Kodak Gallery. So, I replicated it with some of our favorite shots of the wedding.

So that does it for today’s wedding post. I hope you enjoyed it and if you’re a bride-to-be I hope this gives you some insight into planning.

Tomorrow, we’ll go over decorations — the centerpieces, table numbers, and some other DIY projects. Finally on Friday, we’ll conclude with everyone’s favorite — the ATTIRE.

Til then, happy reading.


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Year 1

My dear husband and I are celebrating our 1st anniversary today. I can’t believe it’s been an entire year already! In my mind, we were married just yesterday! This definitely calls for a celebration. So this week on the blog, I’ll be revisiting April 9, 2011 and giving you all the details of our wedding. As every bride does, I put a ton of work and effort into our wedding and if any of my work can help a bride-to-be, I’d be honored. So stay tuned for that this week!

Also, in an effort to document our growth as a couple, I decided we should take an anniversary picture together every year (inspired by this pinterest post and that pinterest post.) In 10 or 20 years, I’d love to create a collage of all the anniversary shots and hang it in our bedroom. So here is the first one:

Do you have any anniversary photo traditions? I’d love to see what people have done who have already been married many years!

Also, in case you’re curious, here are the details of what I wore (notice my cousin photobombing the picture – i love it!):

navy eyelet dress : laundry by shelli segal @ annie sez (no longer available but similar here and here) | brown sandals : evelyn by hive and honey (sold out but similar here and these aren’t quite similar but i love them anyway) | necklace : stephan & co @ nordstrom (mine is coral but in bright fuschia here).


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My Daily Outfits – Wedding Guest

Where: Wedding in LI
Dress: Asos
Necklace: Express
Clutch: Pree Brulee
Watch: Michael Kors
Ring: Banana Republic
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

This look was inspired by the lovely Linzy from Sparkling Footsteps. I recently purchased this dress from Asos for only $26 (now on sale for $17!) so I decided to take her advice and add some bright and sparlking accesories. The best part was that the dress, clutch and necklace were under $100!

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My Daily Outfits – Wedding Sees

Where: Lourdes and Dale’s Wedding – Congratulations!
Dresses: BCBG
Sees’ (My sister and I call each other Sees) Shoes: Joan David
My Shoes: Christian Louboutin

My family and I recently attended the beautiful wedding of our great friend Lourdes to her wonderful husband Dale. It was such a great wedding! My Sees and I decided to play dress up and doll each other up together. I did her pony…you like? I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and wear red lipstick. I wasn’t sure about it, but I think I look pretty good. Do you wear red lipstick?

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My Daily Outfits – The Wedding


Where: Sees’ Wedding
Bride: Monique Lhuillier dress , Badgley Mischka shoes
MOH: Bari Jay dress, Michael Kors shoes

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My Daily Outfit – October 2, 2010

Where: Wedding
Dress: Nanette Lepore
Purse: Chanel
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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